Good to know...

We have a lifetime warranty available. 

What we do...

#1 Excessive bouncing after hitting a bump 

#3 There is a fluid leak from your shock or strut body

That 10 Minute Oil Change Place

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We then take your vehicle for a short test drive to make sure it handles well and that everything is in order. 


201.997.9444 (North Arlington)

201.587.0220 (Rochelle Park)

This service is recommended every 50,000 miles.

#2 Bumpy or shaky ride with less handling ability 

Shocks and struts

We take out and remove the old, rusty and worn out shocks and/or struts. 

We carry a full line of Monroe Sensor Track/ Reflex Shocks and Struts which we will carefully install after removing old parts. This will improve the performance of your vehicle, reduce tire wear, and increase handling.