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Brakes should be checked every year or 20,000 miles to avoid costly repairs

When caught early, our service works to prevent costly brake repairs

Good to know...

We remove the old parts and carefully install Premium Brake Pads and lubricate break hardware. 

We check your brakes and assess if there is a need to change other parts in addition to just the pads such as rotors, shoes, drums etc, which may come at an additional cost. 

What we do...

#3 Your car needs longer distances to come to a complete stop

#4 Your brake fluid indicator light on your dashboard is on  

​​#2 When you step on the brakes, you hear a squeaking or grinding noise

#1 Vibration in the steering wheel or brake pedal when you apply the brakes


brake service

$179.95 and up

We test drive your vehicle and make sure it's ready to go, or rather, stop.